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About Us

BT Engineering is a small family business started by Bruce Thomas in Engadine in 1967 manufacturing mainly small components for other companies.

A bricklayer friend asked could they make a tool for raking out the brick joints - in the early days, a block of wood with a nail hammered in it was used for this purpose. Hence the birth of BT's Steel Wheel Rakers, and later the Poly Wheel and Long Handle Rakers.

It was then suggested that a free-standing, steel profile would be a great advantage over building corners then filling the "guts" later. So the BT Profile was born. What a boon they were in those days, and they still remain very popular today.

In the 1960's, bricklayers and pavers didn't have the equipment that highly equipped tradesmen have today.

Jeff Thomas joined the staff after serving his apprenticeship at Qantas, and has managed the business now for several years. The management and staff of BT Engineering are proud of the high-class equipment they manufacture for tradesmen.

BT Engineering would like to thank the bricklayers and pavers for their suggestions during the development of the now famous BT Bricksaw. It is so popular some companies are thinking of copying it and manufacturing it offshore.

We are proud to be Australian-owned, that we do our manufacturing here in Australia, and that we provide jobs for apprentices in the building industry and for our tradesmen.

Since their inception, one of the hallmarks of BT Engineering is the quality, strength and superior design of their finished products. Knowing the end use of their machinery and equipment, BT have always strived to build a high degree of ruggedness into the design and manufacture of their tools to ensure years of service.

BT Engineering has set the standard for others to follow with our quality line of Australian made tools.

The original BT BRICKSAW was developed in 1989 and advanced to the industry standard as it is today, with features that make it truly an easy and reliable machine to use and own.

BT Bricksaw Features

  • Water control button allows operator to sight his mark on the brick or paver without water washing it off. Simply press button down when ready to cut and correct flow of water will be supplied.

  • Mobile stand with large, puncture-proof wheels allows operator to load and unload his machine then move around building site on his own.

  • Clear sight lines down the left-hand side of the block, your working side at the blade.

  • Zinc plating provides long term rust resistance.

  • Available with reliable motor options of 1.7Kw electric or Gx200 Honda.

  • A cutting length of 500mm and depth of cut 125mm.

  • Weight is kept to a very tidy 85kg.

The BT BLOCKSAW is another quality Australian made tool designed and built by BT Engineering.

BT Blocksaw Features

  • Has a 20 inch blade capacity and is of quite heavy duty construction.

  • Galvanised stand and base.

Our most recent addition to our line is the BT PAVERSAW. The main criteria was to be able to cut 600mm square pavers - especially diagonally (corner to corner).

BT Paversaw Features

  • Same as the B. T. Bricksaw only larger and more robust to handle the extra size and weight of large pavers.

For full details and lots more quality Australian made tools, check out our products section and our Moss Wheelbarrows website.

Email: jeff@btengpl.com

K/61 Waratah Street
Kirrawee NSW Australia 2232

Phone (02) 9521 3041

Fax (02) 9545 2134

ABN 73 511 469 404

BT uses the latest CNC Machinery

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