Individuals or businesses who qualify to make tax exempt purchases may apply to have their BT Engineering Group USA customer account marked as tax exempt. After approval, any purchases made using your account will automatically omit the tax rate in checkout. This exemption will only apply when shipping to the state(s) in which you have submitted approved documentation. Please follow the instructions below to approve your account for sales tax exemption.

Application Process

  1. Contact customer support by sending an email to Make the subject of this email “Sales Tax Exemption.” In an attachment, submit your completed sales tax exemption form for the state(s) in which you conduct business. Make sure to list the description of goods to be purchased as “Materials, Tools, Equipment and Supplies,” or similar all-encompassing language that would include all types of products that you might purchase from us in the future.

  2. After your submission is reviewed, you will receive an email either requesting additional information, or confirming the tax exempt status of your account.

  3. Following approval, any orders placed on your account will not be charged tax when shipping to the state in which you have a sales tax exemption.